For me, Chef Linda, there is nothing like the start of a new day. The clean slate and the ensuing possibilities are invigorating. Of course it’s not entirely fresh we bring forward our lessons from days, years before and re-interpret.

So here we are again, coming out from under the debris of the holidays and in my opinion a doozy of a year! The constant of family, friends and soul satisfying food helped me make it. I am going to ease into the new year so I can be my best and give my best. I will start by cleaning up, clearing out and anxiously cracking open a collection of perfectly curated cookbooks I received as gifts. I love my cookbooks. The inspiration and excitement at first of new meals followed by the reassurance of a solid recipe that is always there for me to find.

As I said I am going to ease into the process and I am starting by making a sandwich! A vegan sandwich for my daughter who is working hard on this day, which I will deliver to her. There is so much random goodness tucked into this sandwich it even surprised me by what I could create with a post holiday challenged fridge. The result is some kind of yumminess seed bread slathered in roasted garlic hummus then layered with pan fried asparagus spears and tempeh strips in a bit of tamari, munched and crunched together with radicchio and the ubiquitous greens.


I have never seen someone eat a sandwich so quickly!

Happy New Year Friends.