Picnic Baskets

Toronto GTA Picnic Basket Meal Service

Gourmet Picnic Basket Prepared For You

Picnics are for lovers! Whether you are young or young at heart someday somewhere you may find yourself surrendering to the powers of love or feeling the need to remind and embrace your already intended.  Why not celebrate your love with a picnic?

Toronto GTA Picnic Basket Service, Personal Chef

Enjoy a delicious gourmet picnic basket prepared by Personal Chef Linda.

Toronto Picnic Basket Service, Toronto Personal Chef

Treat yourself and a that special loved one to a beautiful picnic basket!

Enjoy A Beautiful Picnic With Your Loved One

Your picnic does not need to be limited to sunny days and manicured lawns, share an indoor breakfast picnic on a rainy morning, unpack a basket in the shelter of a snow cabin or bring out the linens and crystal and savor a midnight feast in front of the fireplace.

Personalized Picnic Basket Menu With Everything You Need

Toronto personal chef Linda will stock your personalized picnic basket with your menu items, dishware, linens everything to see you through an enchanting encounter.

Toronto Picnic Basket, Personal Chef Services

Your personalized picnic basket will have everything you need.

Toronto GTA Pinic Basket Meal Service

Your picnic basket will be ready for you. So you can just relax and enjoy!

Picnic Basket Menu Samples

Menu option sample : A Touch of Class in a Secluded Spot

Cantaloupe Soup

Cold Roasted Tarragon Chicken

Garden Vegetables with Herb Dip


Fresh Strawberries

Menu option sample : In The Early Morning Rain

Fresh Berries

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Capers on

Brown Bread

Banana Bread

Gourmet Chicken Pan Bagnot Sandwich, Picnic Basket, Personal Chef

Gourmet Chicken Pan Bagnot Sandwich

Gourmet Miso Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich, Picnic Basket, Personal Chef

Gourmet Miso Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich

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