Transition! There is no escaping yet, especially on the 1st day of school. Even though my “little ones” are well on their way and I do not have the profound experience of 1st day of school “itis” I can still feel the effects. Whether it is the increased din and activity on city streets or a change in the weather, sometimes you get both, sometimes not. This year I got the extra impact from weather, Mother Nature did her little dance last night and took us from hot and humid to fresh and breezy, nice work mama!

Now for transition, now it makes sense and helps things along. If you know me you know that I love my food, my peeps and a “transition” piece of clothing from season to season. It’s especially hard not to bring fashion into the mix when changing from Summer to Fall for this year my transition piece is my “Early Harvest” skirt, ruffles of knee length soft brown suede, it’s perfect. I introduced it a few weeks ago on some cool summer nights much to the chagrin of summer lovers. Now I can focus on menu transition. I will continue to use the grill for as long as possible, it is actually used and loved throughout the year including the middle of winter which definitely requires an outfit as well. Usually I grab the closest pair of winter boots my son’s mens size 13, a coat, brush off the snow and watch the thermometer rise from standing inside the house….but for now I will implement small changes, like this idea for tonights side dish. This will make the transition from fries all summer to a yummy more seasonal, healthier version and it’s pretty too. Kids will love it, it’s a little something different and fun hopefully like their first day of school. Hasselbackpotatis