Today was a good day, an efficient day. A day of organization, structure and health. After working most of the day it was time for my oh so satisfying hot yoga class. More cleansing, work and reward and to top it off was a meal that I have been craving to make. After several days of Thanksgiving feasts provided to me by friends and family and not a whole lot of moving other than to get up and refill my glass…..”de-tox tofu” was on the menu tonight. I actually came across the recipe while trying to up the ante with tofu recipes, as much as I love the stuff creativity is required to keep you coming back. This recipe is a keeper, so simple yet so satisfying.

I started my food prep and was preparing the elixir which makes this dish especially yummy, nuoc cham, a Vietnamese sauce, sweet, spicy, perfect. So I opened my fridge to root around the crisper for a chili pepper, I knew there were some actually they had been there for a while….and well, groan, the time had come! The time I had encountered already several times lately……the dreaded cleaning out of the crisper, not just tossing sad remnants but the pull them out, clean them out, hot sudsy water time. It’s required every once in a while even when you are an organized clean freak like me…. Done!

Dinner is almost on the table and the crispy tofu with sauteed mushrooms and ginger garlic spinach and brown rice will be like dessert to a cleansing and rewarding day.

Bon Appetit!