Mission Statement

Philosophy On Cooking

Glorious food provides us with sustenance, sensory pleasure, is essential and should be important.

For me cooking is a creative process that brings me great pleasure. I once read that the mood you are in when cooking becomes absorbed into the meal you are preparing and thus offering.  I am the happiest when cooking.

My goal as a Professional Personal Chef is to bring nutritious, delicious, satisfying wholesome meals that help growing bodies, maintain weight and nutrition for grown up bodies… all without compromising taste or appeal.

Ingredients are fresh and of the best quality. Recipes are abundant and choice is available.


I am not a dieter. I feel with proper nutrition, preservative-free wholesome foods, a healthy lifestyle and attitude along with good information one can maintain a healthy body type.  There are countless books on dieting, tricks of the trade, etc. to make us feel like there is a quick fix for our sometimes poor body image. Clearly these do not apply to all of us. We are individuals and therefore our consumption should be based on individual needs.

There are many healthy appropriate “diets” ie: Blood Type, Gluten and Wheat Free that can be applied without the risk of compromising proper nutrients with positive results.

Incorporating a few changes at a time can be monumental in feeling, looking and being healthier.

If these are options that interest you we can discuss them further or just rely on good old fashioned healthy cooking.