Mom doesn’t come over to dinner often since she lives a few thousand kilometers away like on the other side of the country. So my mind is a buzz to get ready for her arrival.  You know how when you host a dinner party or event in your home it becomes a great motivator to tidy up, extra tidy up, put away the little piles of things that are every where to make everything seem orderly, organized and beautiful!

Well with mama coming this motivation of clean up is on steroids. Time to vacuum the baseboards wipe all the  nooks and crannies ugh even dust those blinds……then tackle the kitchen. Mom is a fabulous cook (thanks mom for the education and inspiration) and still enjoys cooking very much to this day be it for herself or her lady friends.  They have rockstar picnics among other delights.

This will come in handy since having my own business of a Personal Chef is a full time, read 7 days a week job, we will spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. So I am looking at my pantry with a critical eye, bracing myself for the clean out.

I can’t wait to have my mom in the kitchen, her cooking style is creative, efficient done with ease and the results are always amazing! Her energy and knowledge of all things culinary will be inspiring and the great motivator to bring it all to you!

picnic, toronto personal chef

Mom’s beautiful picnic with friends!