About Me

toronto personal chef,

Linda Werner from My Everyday Gourmet.

Linda began her culinary career in the traditional way, being raised in a home where good food  was appreciated, enjoyed and prepared on a regular basis! From there a life long love affair with the culinary arts began and flourished. After having had the chance to raise her children and hone her gourmet home cooking skills the opportunity presented itself for her to pursue her passion of becoming a Personal Chef and starting her own  business, My Everyday Gourmet.

After graduating from The Culinary Business Academy and obtaining certification the next step was to introduce and share her love for all things delectable! Linda’s goal is to bring nutritious, delicious, satisfying wholesome meals that help growing bodies, maintain weight and nutrition for grown up bodies… all without compromising taste or appeal to Toronto and GTA clients.

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Linda’s passion for food is never ending and she inspires to use her culinary skills with her family and clients, bringing them joy and happiness!