So I took my own advice and ended up with an intimate (only 3 people) quasi impromptu dinner party on Saturday night. There was new music, check out A.A. Bondy – When The Devil’s Loose,  someone did bring a wonderful bottle of  never before had wine,, Albet i Noya – Lignum, 2006, Spain, yummy and the  menu revolved around what I was craving, elegant appetizers, which made for what felt like a special meal. Virtually everything was purchased in my neighbourhood and took no time to prepare. It went like this, a plate of gorgeous goat’s cheeses with artisan bread, escargots baked in red wine and garlic butter, sauteed sea scallops with leeks in a champagne sauce, a simple garlic and olive oil pasta with fresh parmesan and a cleansing salad accompanied by a  homemade vinaigrette. See? Easy!