I love my job! In fact I can’t even call it a “job” because of the joy I find in it everyday. My house is filled with warm delicious cooking aromas, I dance around the kitchen, there is no persnickity boss leering over my shoulder making cranky demands. I AM the boss and that would be pretty challenging breathing down my own neck, but I digress. At the same time as I bounce out of bed in the morning wondering what culinary delights I will be embarking on that day, let’s face it, even “dream jobs” can have some annoying elements. Enter pet peeves. Like…..having to purchase a bushel of parsley for only two required tablespoons, I know I could make soup or start my own herb garden, getting there…..or running out of a crucial ingredient on a minus 50 winter day and having to run out to the store to get it and the recipe really calls for it! Then there is the daily, ranks right up there, can’t escape it unless someone does something nice for me which sometimes does  happen, the UNLOADING OF THE DISHWAHSER, ugh, but mostly the cutlery tray…….hate it. It’s ok I don’t need a birthday gift or Mother’s Day card, just please empty the dishwasher for me, everyday, at the very least the cutlery tray. Now you know.