There is a first time for anything and this “first” was tackling a gorgeous crate of peaches and attempt to can them. Something I have never before tried but I figured with the resident experts around me and the advent of google I had a fair chance of turning these luscious peaches into Christmas gifts. After reviewing several canning sites and re-reading over and over again to make sure I didn’t miss a crucial step I set up shop. Shhhhh everybody, mom’s focussing and really doesn’t want to blow it. It was a fairly meditative process until the last step, sealing up those jars and waiting for the 12 – 24 hours to see if they had sealed properly. A little stressful, at one point in the night I heard the beloved “ping” the seal of approval. The next day my son told me he had heard a ping or two!! Woo hoo I could at least count on 3 out of 12 attempts. It’s all in the journey I kept saying to myself, “at least you tried Linda”. The end result was 11 out of 12 little soldiers. Nice!