Well I might be a little late in my post Thanksgiving wrap up but here goes.  First of all I am thankful everyday, everyday, but the weekend that brings us together and makes us share our time, space and food reminds me again of all things big and small for which I am grateful, such as:

driving on the 401 for 15 hours and not being one of those cars on the side of the road….

laughing so hard with my kids that it makes us cry,

creating “inside jokes” based on one word we heard, only we know what it means then  insert it into our vernacular and from there on in it makes us laugh and feel connected,

watching your child go off to do farm chores when you were sure they did not want to go, but they did,


and heartfelt gifts like gorgeous homegrown garlic from friends you don’t get to see often but when you do you always remember the time!

Thank you