Yes it would have been even better if I could have enjoyed this cocktail hour with a friend but alas I was alone and that may not have been a bad thing entirely! You see not only did I get to enjoy the solitude with the warm, sweet country air but I also had the cheese to myself, no wait, this could be a dangerous thing because this cheese was out of this world!!! The whole experience of purchasing it to consumption was out of a foodies fantasy. There I was at my local organic farm which is nestled in an idyllic village in lush green Vermont. After grabbing a few items for meal times, abundant kale, just picked down the road blueberries, happy healthy eggs from happy healthy chickens I surveyed the assortment of cheeses also made from just down the road at the “Lazy Lady Farm”. Friends have been singing the praises of these cheeses to me forever, I finally took the plunge and made the investment in the small soft round, this one labelled “Sweet Emotions” could it get even more perfect? Well yes, when finally unwrapped at room temperature perfection with a cocktail to enjoy it with I had my first taste.It took everything to not inhale it. How could I? It was way too special, no crackers required just sweet sweet delicate flavour which will make it near impossible to ever have any other cheese. Lazy Lady is my kind of lady!