I remember when I received a subscription to Gourmet Magazine as a gift one year a long time ago and had the gift renewed every year for several years. It was so special I kept every copy. I have always had  a relatively small kitchen in my home which makes my culinary expertise even more impressive but the point being cupboard/storage space was always at a premium. Eventually I had to part with most of the beloved back issues but the good news was around this time there was this new invention called the “World Wide Web” and things like back issues of magazines and or recipes could be retrieved on line!!!! After purging and sorting I had to hang onto some beloved cookbooks. California Fresh, another gift, this one from a special friend, circa 1980’s. California Cuisine was all the rage and the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay was getting in on the action thus my book. The evidence is clear this is a beloved cookbook, I mostly refer to page 52 for the classic Caesar salad dressing, I should know it by heart, I do, but I love pulling out the book and letting the history of it in my life take its effect. Good book, good cause, good memories.