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My Everyday Gourmet is a Toronto based Personal Chef, Catering and Meal Service company that specializes in creating personalized gourmet meals for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. Whether it’s providing delicious meals for you and your family or a one time special event, Personal Chef Linda will take care of all your culinary needs!

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Toronto Personal Chef and Caterer – Linda Werner

Toronto Personal Chef Linda Werner

My Everyday Gourmet was created by Personal Chef Linda to help time challenged individuals and families in the Toronto and GTA region enjoy the benefit and importance of healthy delicious meals everyday!  Her goal is to provide well balanced, satisfying and nutritious meals to individuals and families giving them more time for all the other things in their busy lives.

Get Gourmet, Healthy and Affordable  Meals With A Personal Chef

My Everyday Gourmet’s meal service menu is based on gourmet home cooking sourced from recipes around the world providing everything from exotic International fare to classic comfort food. Ingredients are fresh, organic and preservative free. Personal Chef Linda’s lifelong passion for the culinary arts inspired her to create her Personal Chef Service in order to provide a unique and healthy alternative to solving the “What’s for dinner dilemma?” for families, individuals and groups at an affordable price.

What Is A Personal Chef?

A personal chef serves multiple families or individuals and custom tailors the menus and service to each individual client. As opposed to a private chef, who typically “lives in” with a family. A personal chef  provides meals on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis and leaves your home to you during your precious evening hours.

A personal chef creates delicious meals in your home, takes care of time-consuming errands and tasks, and leaves you with more time on your hands to do what you love best. My Everyday Gourmet is a full-service Toronto based personal chef service and will plan menus, shop, prepare delicious meals and clean the kitchen all before you get home from work.

Why Use A Personal Chef In Toronto?

Using a personal chef is a practical way to ease the burden of everyday cooking. As a personal chef, Linda services families, individuals and groups with custom tailored menus and an individualized service for each client.

Here are some reasons to use a personal chef :

  • You are eating more fast and prepared foods than you’d like.
  • You can never find the time to spend on your hobby, life’s passion or with your kids.  Shopping at the end of long days work doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time.
  • You are realizing that take-out will never provide the variety and quality that a meal prepared in your home with fresh ingredients can.
  • You are too exhausted or stressed out at the end of the day to find time to make a home-cooked meal.
  • You’d rather spend time with your friends and family around the dinner table than running around town doing the shopping and cooking.

The services include much more than cooking. Personal Chef Linda does all the shopping from local Toronto shops, cleans your kitchen and packages your meals so you can enjoy well balanced, healthy and satisfying meals all from the comfort of your home. She has plenty of meal services for families, individuals and groups :

Gourmet Customized Meal Services

Catering Services For Special Events and Occasions

Whatever the occasion, Personal Chef Linda will delight your taste buds in the comfort of your own Toronto or GTA home.

chicken satay,  toronto personal chef services,

Chicken Satay

doorstep delivery,  toronto personal chef

Doorstep Delivery

grilled lamb chops with roasted cherry tomatoes, toronto personal chef

Grilled Lamb Chops

grilled veggie pizza, toronto personal chef

Grilled Veggie Pizza

pecan crusted okra,  toronto personal chef

Pecan Crusted Okra

sweet potato kale bake, toronto personal chef

Sweet Potato Kale Bake

tofu lasagna, toronto personal chef

Tofu Lasagna

Who Do Personal Chef Services Benefit?

Whether it’s regular weeknight meals for the family, stocking the fridge and freezer with meals for busy professionals or an in-home dinner party, a personal chef can benefit many people.

  • A two-career family where no one has time to cook.
  • New parents with little ones to attend to.
  • Busy, driven professionals who aren’t eating as healthily as they would like.
  • Aging parents who aren’t as spry as they once were.
  • People recuperating from surgery or an illness.
  • Mobility-challenged families or individuals.
  • Anyone with special needs.
  • Those of us who are tired of the time-consuming errands and tasks that go into creating home-cooked meals.
  • People who enjoy and appreciate delicious high quality meals but don’t like or know how to cook.

How Do You Get Started With Personal Chef Linda?

First, we get together for a free, no obligation consultation in your home. We’ll talk about your food preferences, what you love, what you don’t. We’ll talk about any food allergies, special diets, religious observances that are important to you. I’ll take a look at your kitchen to determine any special equipment we’ll need to bring. We’ll set a schedule for personal chef services in your home that ensures confidentiality and privacy for you.

Most clients prefer to let me think about “What’s For Dinner”? Others like to let me know their favorite meals. Either way, you will have menus that you approve, with meals tailored to your preferences and prepared fresh in your home on each cook day.Once we establish a schedule and have a working agreement, we’ll set a date for your first cook day.

On Your Cook Day

  • In the morning I will plan menus and shop for the freshest ingredients. I will arrive at your home around 8am–10am. Most clients simply leave a key for me so I can cook in their home while they are at work or busy doing other things.
  • I will prepare, package and label your meals.
  • I will leave your kitchen clean and neat.
  • I’ll usually wrap things up by 4 or 5pm, depending on the menu and your schedule. Things work most efficiently when there are fewer distractions in the home.
  • When you arrive home, your house will be filled with your favorite aromas. You’ll find a fridge and freezer full of home-cooked meals and perhaps even a warm stew in the crock pot!

Personal Chef Serving The Toronto and GTA Region

Personal Chef Linda provides her services all over Toronto and the GTA region. She’ll even go a little further outside the GTA if needed. So you can be assured that if you live in around the Toronto region and need personal chef or catering services, she can be there for you.

  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Oakville
  • East York
  • North York
  • The Beaches
  • Scarborough
  • Markham
  • Richmond Hill
  • Brampton
  • Vaughan
  • Pickering
  • Ajax
  • Oshawa
  • Whitby

Please contact Personal Chef Linda to get a quote or learn more about her services.

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My Everyday Gourmet is a Toronto GTA based Personal Chef, Catering and Meal Service company that specializes in creating personal gourmet meals for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.
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