Personal Chef & Catering Services for Toronto and GTA

My Everyday Gourmet specializes in Personal Chef and Catering Services for the Toronto and GTA region. Personal Chef Linda provides affordable gourmet home style meals that can be prepared in your home or by delivery. Save time and enjoy the convenience of knowing that Personal Chef Linda is providing quality meals made from the freshest ingredients all without compromising taste or nutrition.

Personal Chef Linda provides Toronto GTA customers with a customized menu to meet their individual diet, lifestyle or event. The Personal Chef services include more much than cooking. Chef Linda does all the shopping from local Toronto shops, cleans your kitchen and packages your meals so you can enjoy well balanced, healthy and satisfying meals all from the comfort of your home.

Personal Chef Linda’s Services

Meal Services :

  • Customized menu
  • Shopping for ingredients
  • Preparing and cooking meals
  • Packaging of meals
  • Cleaning
  • Meals can be prepared in your home or by delivery.
  • Frequencies are based on individual needs – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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Door Step Delivery :

Choose from weekly menu items and get a home cooked meal delivered for to your Toronto home at your convenience.

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Dinner Party Catering :

Enjoy a gourmet restaurant inspired menu and personal chef service for you and your guests all within the comfort of your Toronto home

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Picnic Baskets Services :

Enjoy a personalized picnic basket with your menu items, dishware, linens and everything needed to enjoy a lovely picnic.

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Weekend Get Away Dinner Packages :

Enjoy a gourmet meal prepared and packaged by Chef Linda at your cottage, cabin or chalet.

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Whether it’s regular weeknight meals for the family, stocking the fridge and freezer with meals for busy professionals or an in-home dinner party, Personal Chef Linda is available to meet your needs.

Who Do Personal Chef Services Benefit?

  • A two-career family where no one has time to cook.
  • New parents with little ones to attend to.
  • Busy, driven professionals who aren’t eating as healthily as they would like.
  • Aging parents who aren’t as spry as they once were.
  • People recuperating from surgery or an illness.
  • Mobility-challenged families or individuals.
  • Anyone with special needs.
  • Those of us who are tired of the time-consuming errands and tasks that go into creating home-cooked meals.
  • People who enjoy and appreciate delicious high quality meals but don’t like or know how to cook.

Please contact Personal Chef Linda to get a quote or learn more about her services.

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My Everyday Gourmet is a Toronto GTA based Personal Chef, Catering and Meal Service company that specializes in creating personal gourmet meals for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.
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My Everyday Gourmet specializes in Personal Chef and Catering Services for the Toronto and GTA region.
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